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Sardines Fish Ball

Sardines Fish Ball


• Mega Sardines Natural Oil 155g

• Mega Prime Sweet Chili Sauce

• Mega Prime Oyster Sauce

• Pechay, chopped

• Breadcrumbs

• Egg

• Cooking oil



• In two separate bowls. Prepare eggs and breadcrumbs. Set aside.

• Drain Mega Sardines in Natural Oil.

• In a mixing bowl, add in the sardines and mash the fish.

• Add the chopped pechay, eggs, breadcrumbs and Mega Prime Oyster Sauce. Mix well.

• Scoop around 2 tbsps. of the sardines mixture and mold it into a sphere.

• Dip the fish ball in beaten egg, then roll it over on the breadcrumbs.

• Heat the oil in a cooking pot and deep fry the sardine balls using low to medium heat until it turns golden brown.

• Arrange in a serving plate and serve with Mega Prime Sweet Chili Sauce.

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